Software Engineer in Japan.

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Key Value
Twitter Twitter - bmf_san
Qiita Qiita - bmf_san
Github Github - bmf-san
npm npm - bmf-san
Speakerdeck Speakerdeck - bmf_san
LaraCafe Connpass - LaraCafe

Technical Skills

Key Value
Language PHP, Go, JavaScript, ShellScript
Flamework & Library Laravel, FuelPHP, React, Vue.js, jQuery, Redux
Architecture MVC, Flux
Database MySQL, SQLite
Middleware Apache, Nginx
OS MacOS, CentOS, Linux
Infrastructure sakura vps, AWS, heroku, Vagrant, Docker
Editor Atom, Vim
Terminal iTerm2, Tmux
CM Ansible
Tool Github, Zenhub, Redmine, Backlog

Work Experience

Date Company Name Role
May, 2017 ~ October, 2018 Innovator Japan Inc. Software Engineer
December, 2018 ~ Makuake Inc. Software Engineer

OSS Experience

Project Name Link
Application Rubel Github - Rubel
Library rubel-router Github - rubel-router
Library ahi-router Github - ahi-router

Presentation Experience

Date Event Slide Link
October 8, 2017 Japan PHP Conference 2017 3年目エンジニアOSSをはじめる Japan PHPConference 2017
December 15, 2018 Japan PHP Conference 2018 20代が考えるエンジニアキャリア論
December 19, 2018 Makuake LT Party URLルーティングをつくるエピソード1 Japan PHPConference 2018
January 16, 2019 Makuake LT Party コンテナ完全に理解した
February 16, 2019 Laravel JP Conference 2019 Laravelで始めるテスト生活
March 31, 2019 PHPerKaigi 2019 URLルーティングをつくる PHPerKaigi 2019
April 17, 2019 Makuake LT Party ゴリラで学ぶソフトウェア開発の法則10選

Contest Experience

Date Event Result Link
September 16, 2018 予選落ち ISUCON8 ISUCON8まとめ

Hosted Event Experience

Organization Link
DevTech Tokyo Conpass - DevTech Tokyo